KBW Main Locations

Inside Sales and
Customer Service

Donna, Texas

Eddie DeLeón
Phone: 956-464-4491
Email: eddie.deleon@kbwsupply.com

Estella Silva
Email: estella.silva@kbwsupply.com

Tyler, Texas

Sandy Farnsworth
Phone: 903-509-8803
Email: sandy.farnsworth@kbwsupply.com

Theresa Kincade
Phone: 903-509-8803
Email: theresa.kincade@kbwsupply.com

Allende, Mexico

Diana Aguirre
Email: diana.aguirre@kbwsupply.com

Rosy Taméz
Email: rossy.tamez@kbwsupply.com

Outside Sales and
Customer Service

South Texas

Ralph Armendariz
Phone: 956-464-4491
Fax: 956-464-8455
Mobile: 956-355-0403
Email: ralph.armendariz@kbwsupply.com

Central Texas

Kirt Faulkner
Phone: 210-509-1723
Fax: 210-509-4798
Mobile: 956-650-5021
Email: kirt.faulkner@kbwsupply.com

North & East Texas

Martin Farnsworth
Phone: 903-509-8803
Fax: 903-509-8493
Mobile: 903-521-1489
Email: martin.farnsworth@kbwsupply.com

Structures and Turf Sales

John (J.D.) Stites
Email: john.stites@kbwsupply.com
Toll Free: 800-292-7547
Mobile: 956-378-3993

KBW Supply Warehouse

Main Office & Warehouse

102 North 13th Street | Donna, Texas 78537
Toll Free: 1-800-292-7547 | Local: 956-464-4491 | Fax: 956-464-8455